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Resource Department

C.O.R.E. LEARNING PROGRAM – General Information (Center for Organized Resource and Enrichment)

Definitions: CORE/Resource

Our resource program (CORE) here at Trinity, partners with parents and the classroom teachers to provide the best learning environment for a child with special needs. CORE is designed to assist your child by:

  • Providing resources to teachers on effective teaching strategies
  • Assisting teachers in classroom modifications and/or accommodations
  • Providing specialized and individual assistance for students who learn in unique ways
  • Offering limited diagnostic testing or referrals to highly reputable psychologists/psychiatrists in the area
  • Providing consultations for teachers and parents to better facilitate the development of a learning plan

This plan will include:

  • The availability of a resource teacher for conferences with classroom teachers
  • A pull-out program that will include individualized small group instruction in areas of need on a regular basis during the school day
  • Goals and assessments to chart student progress
  • Students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other auditory and visual processing difficulties may benefit from the CORE Learning Program. Trinity offers a pull-out resource program to work with the child in small groups.


Qualifications for Admission into the C.O.R.E. Learning Program:

CORE/Resource: Student is experiencing more failure than success in a specific subject.

Procedure for Enrolling

CORE/Resource: The CORE office is approached by the struggling child’s teacher or parent. The resource director will proceed with the following:

  • Gather information from the classroom teacher and parents (Complete CORE Student Study, request previous testing results, etc.).
  • Observe the child, if necessary, and/or collect work samples.
  • Assess the need for administering the Woodcock Johnson II-Tests of Achievement, PASP, or CTOPP (additional charge). Referrals to highly reputable psychologists/psychiatrists in the area may be given.
  • Conference with teacher, parents, and CORE Director in order to share results of testing and communicate the best plan of action for the child. Discuss possible modifications and/or accommodations for the child, as well as admission into the CORE program.
  • Assign CORE teacher for the child along with setting a schedule for the pull out program.
  • Parents must sign the Consent to Enroll form.

CORE Director informs the financial secretary of new student enrolled (for billing purposes).

Modifications/Accommodations: TLCS is equipped to provide certain modifications and/or accommodations to help the child experience more success within the classroom. If these modifications or accommodations are made, parents will be notifies immediately. At the end of the school year, the Accommodations Form will be completed by the classroom teacher and sent home with the student’s final report card, and another copy will be filed in the student’ scum file.

Modifications for TerraNova 3 Testing: If a child qualifies for oral standardized testing, parents will pay the proctor $10 per hour, through the CORE program, for administering the test (approx. 10-12 hours). If a child is diagnosed with dysgraphia, a child may circle the correct answer in the test booklet, and the teacher will transfer the answers to the answer key. In this case, there is no need for a proctor.

Verbal Testing Throughout the Year: In Junior High, verbal tests and quizzes must be administered through the CORE program. The fee depends on the length of time it takes to test the student. It could require anywhere between one to three sessions a week in CORE. In a self-contained classroom (elementary) the classroom teacher will attempt to administer all tests and quizzes, but may need help from the CORE program.

Summer Hours: The CORE office is closed through the summer. If a parent wishes to have a child continue on with the CORE teacher through the summer, and the CORE teacher is available, payment is made directly to the teacher.


Please contact Rosemarie Fisher for more information.