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Why choose a Lutheran School?

Lutheran Education Makes a Difference

Nurture Your Faith

Reliable statistical research from a study of people who attended Lutheran schools indicates that they:

  • Report more frequent experiences with God in their personal lives
  • Grow in grace and knowledge
  • Communicate a foundation of Christian values
  • Engage in a fuller devotional life
  • Have a greater awareness of the Lord in their lives

Embrace Academic Excellence

  • Lutheran school students test over 22% higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests.
  • Average SAT/ACT test scores of students attending Lutheran high schools are well above the national average.
  • Students in Lutheran schools at every grade level, and especially middle school and high school, have more developmental assets than students in public schools, according to Search Institute.

We Are a Community

  • The Lutheran school system reaches almost 244,000 students nation-wide.
  • Outstanding teachers encourage student growth and communication.
  • We are a community of like-minded parents and students encouraging one another.

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